Our Psychiatrists

Dr Jenny Berg

Dr Jenny Berg is a practice principal at Calliope. She is a child, adolescent and family psychiatrist who has specialised in treating couples and family groups from a psychodynamic perspective. She has also trained as a psychoanalyst (APAS) and sees individuals more intensively, if required.  She works at Calliope Tuesday through to Friday. 

Dr Justine Ellis

Dr Justine Ellis is a practice principal at Calliope. She is an experienced child and adolescent psychiatrist. Justine prefers to provide long term care for children and their families. She provides psychiatric care, child, adult, couple and family psychotherapy. She works at Calliope from Monday to Thursday.

Dr Mary Ann Germain

Dr Mary Ann Germain is an experienced child, adolescent and family psychiatrist. She sees children and families for assessment and management for a wide range of child mental health problems. She works at Calliope on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Dr Margot Phillips

Dr Margot Phillips is an experienced psychiatrist who works in both public and private settings. She works with adults, from adolescence onwards. She has a special interest in perinatal psychiatry, having worked for over ten years in a specialist perinatal service. Margot works within a psychodynamic framework, and has completed the Advanced raining (RANZCP). Margot is at Calliope on Fridays.

Dr Jagadeesh Andepalli

Dr Jagadeesh Andepalli is an adult psychiatrist who works at Calliope on Friday afternoons. He has experience in mood and personality disorders. He has a Masters of Medicine (Psychotherapy) and provides psychodynamic psychotherapy. He also provides general psychiatric care.

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