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Areas of Expertise


At Calliope we offer a focus on longer term therapy with patients of all age groups. There are several therapists who work in play based therapy for children combined with concurrent parent therapy. Older adolescents, adults, couples and families are offered either supportive or psychodynamic therapy. At times we work together with another member of the clinic to provide the necessary boundaries around this work with the different family members. We also have some psychologists who focus on patients specific difficulties through a structured CBT approach.

Psychiatric care

Calliope has both child and adolescent psychiatrists as well as adult and perinatal psychiatrists. We offer comprehensive psychiatric assessments and if indicated, ongoing psychiatric care. We also work with clinicians and related professionals from outside the practice to provide integrated psychiatric care.

Family and couple work

We have several clinicians, experienced family or couple therapists, who provide therapy for difficulties manifesting in the relationship, including family conflict. This psychodynamic treatment explores the existing dynamics in the family, based on past history, to help to discover healthier ways of relating. 

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